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Feminine Hygiene Basics

So maybe you already have a solid feminine hygiene routine down pat. Great! But did you know many women and young girls are still too shy or embarrassed to speak to their female friends, family members, or medical professionals about questions or concerns they may have about their bodies?

Even when prompted in doctor's appointments or possibly by their parents, they say they have zero questions or concerns, which oftentimes is the furthest thing from the truth. This can lead to some women and girls dealing with concerning or embarrassing issues in silence, which over time, could lead to health complications if left unattended.

Well whether you need a quick refresher course yourself or would like to refer a young lady to a couple of quick tips on feminine hygiene basics, do check out this helpful link from U by Kotex AU, giving a little insight into the simplest and most basic elements of feminine care. Click 'Read tips' below.

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That's not all, folks...

Now yes, there is so much more to cover here but that is for another time and date. For now, let these basics set the foundation for your healthy feminine health routine going forward.

Also, remember to keep up with your regular doctor's visits, and don't be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS! That's what your doc is there for. And schedule an appointment anytime you notice any usual changes with your body in any regard. In most cases, any issue that may arise has a much higher chance of successful treatment with early detection and treatment.

Until next time...

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