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tips for breast cancer awareness

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Tips on BCAM
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Prices increase

Fox 26 KNPN news, speaks with

Sparkle Peach Founder & CEO

Ann Irvin about the shortages and recent price hikes for pads and tampons.

Fox 26 Interview
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Sparkle Peach Founder & CEO

Ann Irvin on Fox 26 KNPN news, being highlighted as one of their "20 That Count" wrapping up in 2021.

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Ann Irvin is giving back to her community because she knows how it feels to go without.

Irvin is the president and CEO of Sparkle Peach, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides those in need with menstrual hygiene products, bladder incontinence products and educational resources on feminine health.

“When I was younger, there was a time where I didn’t have anything. So I had to use alternative means of getting through my menstrual cycle,” Irvin said. “Most people are embarrassed by that, but it’s just a natural process for women these days. So that’s why I’m kind of passionate about it is because I have experienced it.”

Sparkle Peach, Inc. fills packages with one to two months’ worth of hygiene products that are then delivered to local organizations such as Catholic Charities, the YWCA and Sisters of Solace. Irvin said that while products such as tampons and pads are basic necessities, they can be hard to afford.

“It makes me feel good when I can help somebody make sure they pay their bill and don’t have to worry about missing school or work because they don’t have feminine hygiene products,” Irvin said.

The name Sparkle Peach was inspired by Irvin’s mom, “Peaches.” Irvin was born and raised in St. Joseph and said her mom was always active in the community, so she wanted to follow in her footsteps and continue giving back.

— Morgan Doyle | News-Press NOW

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acknowledgement from the community

Persisterhood recognizes women for local leadership.  SP was one of (10) commended for bettering the community


Evelyn McBride describes the work done by Ann Irvin, to benefit St. Joseph. Irvin was one of 10 women commended for their efforts in bettering the community.

1 of 10 Acknowledgement
Empowerment Vid


What does it mean to you?

Heart to Heart
Dr. Schwabe

Listen in as we get expert info and helpful tips about heart health.

Live @ 5

Get to know Sparkle Peach, Inc.

in 2020.

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